We know it can be a bit confusing when looking for a Trusted Photographer to capture your online presence. There are more and more Trusted Photographers being added to the list provided by Google. By the way, a “Trusted Photographer” is a Google term for a photographer who has demonstrated they can produce Virtual Tours for use on Google.

Image Quality

Can we be honest? Being a “Trusted Photographer” is a pretty low standard. I have seen some very poor image quality from my competitors who hold the same “Trusted Photographer” status as myself. For example, here is an image available in Google for an Oklahoma City tourist attraction:

Poor image quality from a Google Trusted Photographer

The image quality here is really poor. This is due to the equipment being used. This photographer is using a low quality “360 camera” which is fast and easy to use, but the image quality suffers. Also, the image isn’t level with the horizon. You should never accept this sort of work from your “Trusted Photographer”. Sadly, I’ve seen many businesses with virtual tours with this low quality image type.

Here is an image from our Virtual Tour of the same location you can see on Google Maps:

High Quality image produced by Ultimate Virtual Tours

You can see the image above is of much higher quality. We produce these high quality images by using Nikon DSLR and Ricoh Theta Z1 cameras and carefully stitching several images into a 360 degree view. These high quality images also allow your viewers to zoom in on the images to see fine details. It is more work for us to produce these type of images, but it is worth it to make your virtual tour look amazing!

Customer Focused

We are not a high-volume virtual tour producer. We believe in producing high quality virtual tours over sheer numbers. Not that we haven’t built quite a few Google Virtual Tours. As of August 2020, we have published 966 photospheres to Google and have over 22.6 Million views! Your satisfaction is our top priority. We don’t even ask for payment until you have had a chance to review the image quality.

I encourage you to check out Google’s list of Trusted Photographers and make your own choice. Who else do you know that gives you easy access to a list their competitors? We are convinced we offer the best virtual tour for the best price!

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